Help your audience feel like the protagonist

You don't need just one more "secret formula", or the "one copywriting hack that's going to increase your sales a thousand fold".  

What do you do need to is understand the journey you're taking your client on. 

Make them feel that main character energy.

Raise your hands if you suffer from these symptoms:

  • You really want to write your own sales copy, but when you open up your word processor, the blinking cursor just sits there, taunting you

  • And you stare back, unable to churn out anything substantial

  • "Okay, it's not that hard", you tell yourself, "I'm just gonna write down what it is I'm selling, and then I'm gonna take it from there".

  • Except, all of a sudden you're asking yourself, what IS my selling proposition?

  • "This is ridiculous", you think, "of course I know what I'm selling". And yet, the words refuse to flow.

  • "I'm just gonna watch another copywriting tutorial on YouTube", you tell yourself, before getting lost down the YouTube rabbithole.

This is NOT happening because (you think) you suck at writing copy

Truth is you don't need to be a copywriting genius for this to stop happening.

 It will get a lot easier when telling your offer story comes to you as automatic as blinking. 

Be 100% sure of the hero's journey you're offering to take your customer on. 

And then tell it to them like a story.

"Tahmina makes writing a sales page approachable"

Caroline Morris

Tahmina makes writing a sales page approachable. Using a story structure makes it feel less salesy and gimmicky - two things that I'm terrified of being. It also engages the people visiting my website and lets them know if my service is a fit for them. I've gone from avoiding writing sales pages to being excited about them. Thanks, Tahmina!!

Your offer is a Story you're telling your audience

StoryMagic teaches you:

  • How your offer fits neatly into a story framework. In fact, it's an iteration of the hero's journey.

  • that understanding your offer in this way way makes it a lot easier to talk and write about it

  • how to generate lots of copy that you can use in any part of your sales funnel

  • the exact structure and fun techniques to write story driven copy

  • and most important, TO HAVE FUN WITH YOUR COPY!

Here's how storytelling can actually help you sell more

  • It stops in its track the "oh, here we go again" groan that your audience lets out when they see an obvious (and possibly sleazy) sales pitch heading their way

  • It makes them pay more attention because they're hooked by the narrative.

  • They subconsciously feel connected to you. Use this superpower responsibly

  • That connection they feel could be the start of a brand new relationship! Aren't recurring customers just the best?

  • Stories influence the decision making region of our brain. Double down on that CTA!

  • Stories increase the perceived value of your offer. I swear, that's how Armani gets away with charging £350 for a freaking moisturizer!

  • You get to sell without being salesy.

Hi, I'm Tahmina

Your friendly neighborhood copywriter, and storytelling enthusiast

"And what makes you an expert?", you think. 

Umm.. have you SEEN this picture of me looking all serious and focusing on my writing? 

Is that enough not cred?

Alright, fine.

I started my copywriting business Candid Phrases in 2020, smack-dab in the middle of the pandemic. And I had been writing freelance for years before that.

As much as I loved all the different copywriting tips and tricks, and the hundreds of thousands of formulas out there, truth is, at the end of the day, I'm a lazy person. As lazy as they come.

If you're gonna be lazy and still accomplish stuff, you gotta be resourceful.

So I realized one key thing about copywriting and ran with it. 


Or cleverness. Or any oher C word you can think of. (No, not that one!)

I realized there's no way someone who doesn't write copy for a living is going to have the kind of time or inclination to go over all the different copywriting hacks out there and apply them. 

I looked for an easier way, not just for all the entrepreneurs out there, but also for myself.

Story Magic was born as a result, after months of research.

The great thing about storytelling is that we as humans are genetically programmed to do it.

No secret sauce. Just a simple structure.

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Module 1 - Y'er a Hero Harry! - Finding Your Protagonist

    • Module 1 - Finding your protagonist

  • 3

    Module 2 - Who's the Villain?

    • Module 2 - The villain and the problem

  • 4

    Module 3 - Let me be your guide!

    • How to show up as the guide

  • 5

    Module 4 - Give Them a Plan

    • Give Them a Plan

  • 6

    Module 5 - Call Them to Action

    • Coming up soon!

  • 7

    Module 6 - "Pivot! Pivot!" : Using Anecdotes to Sell

    • Coming up soon!

  • 8

    Module 7 - Storytelling Hacks to Make Magic

    • Coming up soon!

  • 9

    Bonus 1 - 7 Quick Steps to Better Copy Workbook

    • 7 Quick Steps to Better Copy - Workbook

  • 10

    Bonus 2 - Ultimate Sales Page Template

    • Ultimate Sales Page Template

  • 11

    Bonus 3 - Thirty Minute Call with Me

    • Let's make an appointment

  • 12

    Bonus 4 - Email Support!

    • Email Support from Me

  • 13

    Surprise Bonus - 1

    • Surprise Bonus 1

  • 14

    Surprise Bonus 2

    • Surprise Bonus 2

Watch Intro Video

"Tahmina's course came at the perfect time for me"

StoryMagic is for you if:

  • You really want to write your own sales copy, but you feel like no matter how hard you try, the point you're trying to make isn't getting across.

  • You feel like writing copy is some mythical art form that you'd have to sacrifice a virgin under the full moon to master

  • You're tired of watching pointless webinars promising to teach you the one secret sales hack that will change your life, and you wish you could have those wasted hours back.

  • You want to leverage SKILLS YOU ALREADY HAVE to get a functioning sales page written, instead of spending months learning how to write high converting copy.

  • You wish this could be easy

Have I got any BONUSES?

Glad you asked.

  • "7 Quick Steps to Better Copy" Workbook

    Use this to make your copy sound exponentially better in a pinch. Works even if you suck at writing.

  • Ultimate Sales Page Template

    Based on a high converting sales page I wrote for a client.

  • 30 Minute Zoom Call with Me

    We can talk about your offer statement anyou can ask me copywriting questions that keep you up at night.

You need a sales page that talks directly to your audience, aka the protagonist of your story

You don't need a sales page that impresses the whole freaking world. 

You need a sales page that's clear.

You need a sales page that flows like a story. 

One where your audience can see themselves reflected as the protagonist. 

You do that by using your very human storytelling skills that come naturally to literally every human on earth.

How much does it cost?

You can immediate access to all the modules and the bonuses for only £222! If you have a coupon code, don't forget to apply it at checkout!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I buy this course instead of a traditional copywriting course?

    Truth is, you definitely could. This course is for people who don't wish to spend hundreds of hours studying copywriting. But they still want to write persuasively enough to sell their courses and digital products. And they want it to be easy. If that sounds like you, StoryMagic is your course to buy.

  • Why don't I just use an AI copy generator?

    Again, you are at complete freedom to do so. Personally, I still cringe when I think back to the time I bought an AI copywriting software. Yes, it is will generate copy that makes sense. But it won't be you. Heck, it won't even be human!

  • Are you sure about this whole storytelling thing?

    100%. Storytelling for business has been popular for a while now, and in my opinion it's here to stay. For good reason too! Storytelling is EVERYWHERE and it connects us on a level that literally nothing else can.

  • It still feels pretty pricey. Can you do something about that?

    Actually, in terms of value for money the course isn't costly at all! In fact, I am already set to raise the price for the next launch. But I do understand that paying £222 in one go can be daunting. So write to me at tahmina@candidphrases.com with the subect "payment plan for storymagic" and I'll work to set one up for you!